Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snuff Jars

These two old stoneware snuff jars came from your Great-G'ma Lottie. I don't know what their history is as far as who used them or how long they have been in the Johnson collection of treasures. Snuff jars were used for storing chewing tobacco. When I googled 'snuff jar history', there were some interesting stories about women in the Civil War days and their "chewing" habits. I don't know that anyone in my family ever chewed tobacco on a regular basis. Mom once told the story of my brother, at about three years of age, tattling to her about Dad. Dad and Donny had been outdoors with some of the neighboring farmers. When they came into the house, Donny told Mom that Dad had been "eating that dirty stuff, again". I think "chewing" was probably a social thing for Dad, as was having a cigar when he had a "night out with the boys".


Tammy said...

They are really snuff jars? I always thought they were for pickles or some such thing. I'll bet Grama called it "dirty stuff" too! Quiz for the day: Did you read about the Anatomic Snuff Box in your research? (A useless tidbit of information that seems to have stayed in my head from medical school.)

Ginny said...

Yes, really, they are !! The snuff jars I saw listed on ebay lacked the lids, so I think these are quite special !! Anatomic Snuff Box - very interesting !!