Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Auction Buy

Did I say I found my Saturday pastime ? This past Saturday, I again went to the auction house for their weekly sale. This time, my friend, Sharon went with me and she is "hooked", too. Next week, our mutual friend, Lana, wants to go along. There are still a few pieces left from Willa's estate that have yet to be auctioned and a couple of those pieces, I would like to have. This week, I purchased this 9" tall, cut glass pitcher - I believe it is probably Waterford crystal, although I am no expert in that field. It is certainly a beauty and I could not believe my bid of $7.50 was the winning bid. Hopefully, next week, no one will want that vase that I have my eye on !!

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Tammy said...

It looks like Waterford to me too. I have that little bowl of Grama Ruth's that looks the same. Boy do I wish I could tag along on Saturday!!!! The antique malls sure won't have any good buys like that!