Thursday, February 12, 2009

C.J. and Minnie

C. J. Rose married Minnie Trealor, your maternal great grandmother, on March 22, 1905. I don't have a lot of information about the Rose side of the family. I believe one of your second cousins, Steve Rose, has been doing some genealogy search, though. They were a handsome couple in this photo. Your G'ma Ruth was only 4 months old when the marriage broke apart and never knew her father until she was in her 50's. Her oldest brother, Paul, had kept in touch with his father all of his life. He finally talked your G'ma into going to meet him. Clarence, or CJ, as everyone knew him, had left and settled in New Orleans with a new wife. Your Dad wanted to meet CJ, too, plus, we had never been to New Orleans. Sometime in the early 60's, ( faded memories as to exactly when ), we made the trip and found CJ and Edith to be living in and managing apartments in a beautiful rehabbed Southern Mansion. They were a most congenial couple, showing us around to some of the highlights of the city. As I search memories, I know now, why your G'ma Ruth thought I should be keeping a journal. I could look back and have more exact details and dates -- but, then, would it really matter that much ?? Just remembering that we actually did the things we did is enough for me.


Tammy said...

Her wedding gown is really beautiful, isn't it?


Ginny said...

Yes, it is -- I think those vintage gowns were just so gorgeous !!

June said...

What a beautiful picture Ginny. She is so pretty and they are a hansome couple. I hope you are well my friend
Hugs June xxx

ps, would you mind if i added this photo for the freebies page ?

Ginny said...

June, I am more than happy for you to share my photos with your followers.