Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emil and Emma

Here is one more old family wedding portrait - your paternal great grandparents, Emma Moege and Emil Schultz, on August 7, 1911. The vintage wedding gowns and veils are just absolutely gorgeous and unique. It was my understanding that the Moege family were quite "well-to-do" and gave this couple their farm and home as a wedding present. I like to look at the facial expressions and imagine what the couple might have been thinking at the time the photo was taken. G'pa looks somewhat scared and G'ma looks like she has everything "in her control". According to my Dad, she did "rule the roost". They raised a family of seven sons and one daughter on that farm in South Dakota. Four of the boys remained bachelors and helped on the family farm until they were in their late 30's. I'm sure G'ma and G'pa had their hands full with all those children !!

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N.Vardamir said...

Piękne photo. Cuuudooo.