Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coffee Time

This was one of your Dad's favorite cups to use for his morning coffee. There was a set of eight, four were broken through the years, leaving four which I have setting in the china cabinet. We purchased these when we were in Okinawa and used them every day they weren't packed and in route to a new assignment. Your Dad liked the Asian design and because he could get his fingers through the oversize handle. They also held a bit more coffee than our china cups. If they all happened to have been used and not washed yet, he would clean one up before he would use any other mug available. Two of the mugs have "Imari Porcelain" stamped on the bottom, two are blank. I'm not sure why that is -- it may be that they were originally sets of four. Maybe a cup of coffee would jog the memory !!!

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