Friday, February 13, 2009

Burt and Lottie

Burt Johnson, your paternal great grandfather, married Lottie McCullom on August 21, 1912. Look at Burt's hair and eyes -- is that not your Dad ?? Especially the hair !! According to your Dad, G'pa Burt's hair was totally gray by the time he was 30 years of age. I never had the privilege of meeting him as he died before I knew your Dad. Burt and Lottie moved off the farm and into a house in town after their only son, your G'pa Paul, married. As a young boy and teenager, your Dad loved to spend the weekends in town at his G'ma and G'pa's house. And, it was always a place to go after school when there was an evening activity to attend.


Tammy said...

I like the story of how Grama Lottie tied dad to a tree so she could let him go fishing without worry. That's probably why Dad liked to fish so much, made him remember is grandparents.

Ginny said...

I had forgotten about that story !

Tammy said...

I also like Uncle Tim's 'hush-hush, on the down-low' idea of where the money came from to buy The Farm. I think Great Grampa J. would be happy to know it's still in the family. Grama Lottie looks quite fetching too! I have good stock on both sides!