Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pressed Glass Pitcher

I picked this beauty up at an antique mall a few years back. If I remember right, I paid $18 for it, thinking that it was a fairly good buy. When I set the pitcher from the auction next to it on top of the refrigerator, you can certainly tell the difference in cut versus pressed glass !! When I was growing up and all those big meals were being served to farmers, relatives, or friends, a pitcher full of lemonade, iced tea or coffee, or water with ice, was always set on the table along with all the bowls and platters full of wonderful food. I think maybe I used to set a pitcher of iced tea on the table at meal time. Your Dad always loved his iced tea in the summer time !! Strange, how little things like that are something a person forgets about or doesn't think about. Then, some memory button is pushed and it seems almost as plain as if it happened yesterday !!!

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Tammy said...

Our pitchers weren't as pretty as this one... I seem to remember we had a brown one and a red plastic one with with white lids that you could put in the fridge. Then, there were those HUGE green glasses that Dad liked his tea out of so he wouldn't have to refill it. I always loved drinking out of Dad's glass, I could smell his aftershave on it. I think I'll go to ebay and see what's there for glass pitchers now!!