Monday, February 9, 2009

Johnson Homestead

I had not seen this photo of the old house on the Johnson Century Farm until you sent it to me and asked what and where it was taken. I immediately recognized the house to be the one that your Dad grew up in, although, by the time I became part of the family, it had been "remodeled" !! Porches were enclosed and siding had been installed. The vintage beauty had been lost. When I questioned your Aunt Joan about the house, she thought it had already been built when the farm was purchased in 1893. The photo from the letter on 10/21/o8 pictures a piece of one of the porch posts from this house, repurposed into a decorative flower stand. Whatever inspired your Great-G'ma Lottie to keep the posts when the remodeling was done is a mystery. I do know that she was a creative and talented woman, always looking to do something new and unusual. She and my Mom became great friends with their gardening and sewing being a common ground.

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