Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Past

When we were young children, gifts did not appear under the Christmas tree until Santa made his visit, be it for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Boxes that came in the mail from grandparents were also delivered by Santa ! We never had a clue ! We also "knew" that Mom and Dad "had to pay" Santa for toys or what ever we asked for and there was always a limit. Even after we were aware that Santa was a myth, gifts were not under the tree until he "made his visit". This tradition was held even after we were grown and gone from home. As my sister and I approached our teen years, we began to exchange Christmas gifts with each other and would pool our money for a gift for our Mom and Dad. The glass "powder box" with the dog on the lid was a gift from my sis sometime in the early 50's. It still has the original Gardenia body powder box inside. We were shopping together when we saw these two powder boxes and chose to buy them for each other. I always loved the one I gave to my sister with the little reindeer on the lid, too. I pointed it out to you on an antique mall excursion a few years ago, and that following Christmas, it appeared under my tree ! They both love their home on the counter in my downstairs bathroom.

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