Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Beary" Old

If any one were to ask me how I became obsessed with teddy bears, I would have to tell them it is all your fault !! Were it not for this "Gramma" Wish Bear with her cute little face and sweet pink shawl, gifted to me by you after Hilery was born, would I have gotten so carried away with collecting them ? Who knows if there would have been bears everywhere and anywhere in my home ? Many have been gifts and many I have purchased because it was "love at first sight". A few are very special, like these two !! Through the years, I have actually given some away to homes where I know they will be loved and cared for. There are other bear lovers besides me !! "Gramma" bear is home among friends in an open vintage suitcase in my bedroom. The suitcase was given to me by my old friend and neighbor, Willa M. The little "panda" is my childhood teddy - 68 years old this year. A bear sits on each of my stair steps and he has the top stair, of course !!

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