Thursday, November 6, 2008

REAL Butter

This "modern" Dazey brand butter churn belonged to your Great G'ma Lottie. They were widely used by the farm families in the early and mid 1900's. An interesting site to read about the history of the churns made by this company and how to make butter, is . One didn't go to the grocery store for butter, you made your own with that cream that was separated from the milk coming from those cows out in the barn. A "cream separator" was kind of an amazing hand pumped machine that always amazed me. The fresh milk was poured into a tub at the top, you turned the pump handle and cream would come from one spout and the "skim milk" from another. You can read about those on the dairy antique site, also. If you let that quart of fresh milk set in the refrigerator overnight, cream would have risen to the top because of all the light fluffy fat particles in it. We had one of these butter churns when I was growing up and I helped "churn" a few pounds of real butter, myself !

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