Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blue Rhinestones

I was looking through my costume jewelery in that wonderful old oak tool chest a couple of days ago and came upon a couple of "vintage" pieces. This blue rhinestone "choker" was purchased to wear with my blue lace prom dress back in 1957. Originally, there was a pair of clip on earrings to go with it, but, they have been lost or misplaced, apparently. When I think about how old this necklace really is and the fact that it is still with me after all these years and many moves -- that in itself, is amazing. In 1957, this necklace was quite inexpensive -- vintage rhinestone jewelery at the antique malls these days, is quite pricey !!

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June said...

Hi Ginny, wow thats so amazing, i love this, its so beautiful and unusual and amazing that you still have it after so many years. I hope you dig deeper into the old tool box and bring us more
hugs June xxx