Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!

I have been a "bad blogger" of late !! I know there are still many things within these walls of my home with "history" and lots of childhood and early years memories to recall. I will get to more of those things as days come and go. Today, being Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the many good recipes my Mom had. A family favorite has always been this Sunday Coffee Cake. The recipe originated from a newspaper sometime in the 1940's. Mom's friend, Luella, served this at one of those great Sunday dinners that were so memorable when I was growing up. My collection of recipes are not well organized. Some are hand-written on scraps of paper - a few in Mom's writing. This one, among others, so old and used so many times, it is faded and discolored. These are my favorites !!

1 comment: said...

everyone I've ever made this for LOVES it. I know our current families do!