Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letters to Loved Ones Back Home

While your Dad was in the Navy, he was "out to sea" for a 3 month period of time. The ship went to Puerto Rico and back from Norfolk, Virgina. Oceana was the air base that your Dad was actually stationed. The few letters that I reread were from a husband and father that missed his wife and little girl, dearly ! Also, ship life was not a joyous time, it seems !! I had forgotten how he signed off at his letters end -- Love, Doug and Dad xxxx -- the x's for kisses to us. Most of the time, stamps were placed on the envelopes upside down -- a symbol of "I love you". It was 1959 and 1960 - we had our little mobile home and you and I were at my grandparents mobile home park in Ohio for the duration, plus a few months. When your Dad got settled back at Oceana and we got a few financial issues ironed out, my uncle moved the mobile home to Virginia Beach for us. We were happy to be a family again. Today would have been our 52nd anniversary. The letters will go into the "treasure chest".


June said...

Ohhh wow what lovely memories and keepsakes. 1959 was the year i was born, its lovely to hear about family lives in those days, these letters must be so precious
hugs June xxxxx

Ginny said...

June, you are so sweet !! Our daughter was born in 1958, so you are very close to her age !! Hugs back, Ginny

keira*madeira said...

Wow, this is so cute. I absolutely adore hearing things like this. I'm so glad I've got a stash of letters that I can get out in 30 years or so and reminisce to.
keiramadeira xx

Ginny said...

Keira, Hold onto those memories !! I'm not sure how these letters survived 50 years.