Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baking Bread

As I was FINALLY baking the pumpkin bread this morning that I usually make before Christmas, I realized this set of aluminum measuring spoons was almost as old as I am !!! They were a wedding shower gift, along with a set of aluminum measuring cups, a flour sifter and a set of mixing bowls back in 1958. These and one large red Pyrex bowl are all I have left. Through the years, bowls have gotten broken and and the measuring cups were replaced with Tupperware. The flour sifter ?? Not sure what happened to that. I wonder how many teaspoons and tablespoons of ingredients this set of spoons have measured in all these years !! Mmmmm -- pumpkin bread !!! I can smell it baking !! The recipe is one of my favorites to use any time of the year. It is from a dear friend that used to give me a loaf of hers at Christmas time. The spoons will go back into the kitchen drawer from whence they came !

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