Monday, October 10, 2011

For the Love of Bowls

This is a beautiful Waterford signed "leaf" bowl, purchased at that auction I like to go to.  It still has the original price tag on the bottom -- I did not give anywhere near that for it, by the way !! It resides on the storage shelves in my china cabinet.  I have no idea its age or history - I just knew that it had to go to my home when it came up for bidding.  Hopefully, I will have occasion to use it one day !! While I have been in the process of "fall house cleaning", it has come to my attention that I have a "thing" about things that start with the letter "B" !!  I have always thought of my "collections" as the Three B's --- bears, boxes, and books ( altered ones, of course) -- it seems there are a few more "B's", one of them being bowls -- we both love them, then there are the butterflies, the bells, the brass, and the bottles (perfumes and a few other vintage ones).  There are butterflies over the front door, on the living area wall, in the upstairs bathroom and a few others "flitting" here and there.  Lovely creatures !!  There are not too many bells -- just a few in the china cabinet.  Fortunately, not a LOT of brass - my favorite piece is the Korean temple bell that sits on top of the china cabinet (12/2/08).  AND, the bottles ??  They are here, there and everywhere -- one just has to turn around, look, and you will probably see one or more !!  So, I guess it has become the "8 B's" !!

3 comments: said...

too funny! I know I love bowls and bags (totes, purses, etc.) and baby animals. Will have to think if there are any more!

Ginny said...

I forgot to mention my Mother and "Babies" collection -- then, there are a couple of Buddha's in the house, too !!

June Macfarlane said...

Wow this is so gorgeous Ginny
Hugs June x