Tuesday, September 30, 2008


CUPID -The dictionary says "compare Eros, the Roman god of erotic love, a figure that represents Cupid as a naked, usually 'winged boy' often holding a bow and arrow." Since I wrote a "little bit" about "love" yesterday, these little pictures came to mind. Female Cupids !! Another item that has been around since before I can remember !! These little gals in 3" x 4" metal frames with glass, were my Mom's. I don't remember her ever telling me how she came about having them, but I suspect they were probably in her possession as a young girl. I can picture, maybe, my Dad buying them as a gift for her - they were childhood sweethearts, as you know !! I would say these are probably about 70 years old. Anyway, I have these treasures hanging in a collage in my bedroom along with the silk flower cigarette inserts.


Tammy said...

You have so many things, that I just don't have a CLUE about. I love reading about them. This was a great idea!

Ginny said...

I'm glad you are liking this idea ! Love, MOM