Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Gift

Your Dad and I started dating when we were sophmores in high school. Do I remember what we did on our first date ? Let's see !! It was what all kids did in the 50's. Your Dad came to pick me up in that beautiful "robin egg blue" '54 two-door Ford automobile, met my mom and dad, and away we went to "drag main street" of the big metopolis of Ogden, Iowa !! Dragging main street meant driving back and forth on a 4 to 5 block stretch, U-turning at each end and doing it all over again. Of course, there would be stops here and there to visit with other couples and singles doing the same thing. Now, wasn't that just so exciting ? Well, I thought so, because I was with the best looking, most handsome boy in all of Ogden High !! If you remember the sitcom "Happy Days" ? Well, your dad was "THE FONZ" of our school with that gorgeous black hair in that duck-tail style and his black leather jacket. Geez, was I the lucky girl !! And, then before the evening was over, there was the drive to Boone to the A & W root beer stand for that great root beer float. And, then that kiss goodnight ! Wow ! Oh yeah, back to the gift ! This necklace and earrings was the first gift your dad ever gave me. It was that first Christmas after our first date. I am sure his mother helped him pick it out, just like he used to take you to help pick out gifts for me. This set has had a special place in jewelry boxes throught the years - over 50 years now !! Wasn't that just yesterday ?

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Tammy said...

He was always 'the best, most handsome' for me too.