Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gift from Grandparents

This little bracelet was a Christmas gift from my maternal grandparents when I was around 7 or 8 years old. Wish I still had the box it came in -- it was every bit as beautiful as the bracelet !! I can remember my sister received a similar bracelet which I always thought was prettier than mine. It had more of a rounded face instead of flat as this one is. Oh, the jealousies of things my big sister had and the things she got to do that I didn't !! I look back now and see that being the middle child was not as bad as it seemed. My brother, to this day, claims that Mom and Dad liked me best !! I will place this in the "treasure chest."


Tammy said...

I remember wearing this once or twice when I was little too.... It seems I remember the box too, but maybe not. Was it dark blue velvet? Maybe that was something else.

Ginny said...

The box was kind of light bluish velvety with gold trim. Dark blue velvet, hmmm??? Wonder what that was ? Memory isn't working on that one.