Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Trip to Las Vegas

Going through some "old" things, I ran across this post card that I purchased when your Dad and I made our first trip to Las Vegas as tourists in 1971. What a great time we had !! The best thing for me was seeing Elvis Presley up close and personal on stage in the big showroom. Those were the days when you largely tipped the maitre' de to get a seat close to the stage. There was no assigned seating as there is this day and age. I don't know how much the tip was, your Dad would never tell me, but, there was one person at the table between me and the stage !! I wasn't lucky enough to get one of his scarves he threw into the audience, (Boo Hoo), but, I was happy just the same ! We also went to see Redd Foxx and Bobby Vinton who were in smaller show rooms there at the International Hilton. Our last night, I was bored with the slot machines so checked the box office and was able to get balcony seating to see Elvis a second time. Today, the hotel is known only as the Hilton and is twice, if not more, as large as it was then. The last time I was in their casino, the beautiful crystal chandeliers were still hanging. I guess I should take a drive down memory lane one day soon and see what is happening there these days.

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