Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Hope Chest"

My Lane cedar chest was my high school graduation gift from my Mom and Dad. "Back in the day" of 1958, a cedar chest or "so-called" hope chest was a customary graduation gift for a girl. We were to go off to college, find the love of our life, and during those years, fill this chest with linens and the like for our future home. Well, I had found the love of my life and was getting married the same week of graduation. Your Dad was already in the U.S, Navy and we were off to living in furnished quarters for four years. Mom and Dad purchased this and our bedroom furniture for us(our wedding gift) in 1964 when your Dad got out of the Navy. I still love all of the pieces as much as I did that day when we were choosing them. I haven't been through the contents of the chest in a number of years -- I guess I would call it a "memory chest" now, because that is what is stored there, mostly.

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