Thursday, February 4, 2010

Set of Four

When your Dad and I got married, most of the gift we received were things that eventually, over the years, wore out, such as the sheets and towels. Other things were replaced with changes in taste, or lost in moves. We weren't "registered" for fine china, silver and the like. This set of four trays have survived, for some strange reason. Rarely used for their intended job, they have been most usually just stored in the back of a cabinet. I sort of forget that they are over 50 years old, or that I even have them, until an occasion such as this morning, as I was cleaning this one. I keep it under the toaster so I don't end up with toast crumbs all over the kitchen counter when I make toast. It will never be as collectible as those Coca-Cola girl trays, but, it is surely considered an antique at this point in time !!

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