Monday, April 19, 2010

Silk Stockings

The actual history of "silk stockings" dates back to the 16th century and even earlier. "Nylons" came into being in the early 40's. Garter belts and girdles were essentials in the wardrobe to hold those stockings up. And then, the wondrous invention of panty hose --no more girdles and garter belts !! This little kit was in one of my Mom's sewing machine drawers ever since I can remember. I'm sure it is something she had as a young girl. The little cardboard spools have different colors of silk threads used to mend runs and snags in her silk hosiery. A couple of the spools with the more popular colors that hosiery might be, are near empty. The faded purple velvet top acted as a pins and needles cushion. I remember being so excited to have my first garter belt and pair of nylons when I was about 13. I think the occasion for getting so "dressed up" was a Christmas Tea Party with my 4-H club. The pair of nylons had seams going up the back of the leg and it was imperative that those seams were straight !! Seamless nylons were unheard of. Sometime during my younger years, I remember having a couple of pair of nylons that had beautiful embroidery-like work at the seams down around the ankle area. Those would be fun to have in the treasure chest along with this kit !! has a bit of interesting history. Click on "Free Hosiery Story" on their site.


June said...

Wow what a wonderful look at the days of stockings and nylons, i dont remember them as always had pantyhose or (tights as we in England call them ) I remember my own mother telling me that when she was young if they didnt have stockings they drew a pretend seam up the back of the leg to make it look like they had stockings on.
Hugs June xxxxx

Ginny said...

June, I love this comment about your mother and the "pretend" seams !! Our mothers surely had many stories to tell !!
Hugs, Ginny