Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Time

One of my favorite remembrances of my Mom is that statement of hers, "they don't make boxes like that anymore". I came across this lovely velvet, satin lined 2" x 4" box one time when I was helping Mom go through some things. She told me her first watch came in it. She no longer had the watch, but, I happened to have my first watch, received for Christmas when I was about 7 years old. I wonder what hers looked like. Mine, pictured, originally had a black leather strap band, long ago worn out. It came in a maroon velvet box which I did not keep, for some unknown reason !! We were in South Dakota that year at Christmas time and I can remember wondering how Santa Claus would find us, but, he did !! My sister and I received the same watches -- I would imagine your Aunt Shirley still has her box. We do belong to a family of savers !!


tamerahixon@gmail.com said...

I wonder how old that box is? It's sooooo pretty.

Ginny said...

I would say it dates in the early 1920's.