Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From my Grandmother

These lovely doilies and potholders were crocheted by my Grandmother Schultz. She was an amazing women when I look back at her life. It couldn't have been easy back in the 20's and 30's on a South Dakota farm raising seven sons and one daughter. My Dad was the first born and told quite a few stories of how strict his parents were. Anytime my Grandma sat down, she had her crocheting in hand. I remember her sitting in a kitchen chair at our house talking away, crocheting away, and never once looking down at her hands to watch her work -- she was on "automatic pilot". I received some of her potholders, lavender and yellow in color, as wedding gifts and I used them to the point of wearing them out. Mom had these put away in a drawer --she was one to save nice things for a special day. Is that today ?? No, I won't use them. They will be put away in my new special "treasure chest" which I haven't taken a picture of yet. Maybe tomorrow !

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tamerahixon@gmail.com said...

I can't imagine doing those doilies without a pattern!