Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days of the Week

Flour came in white cotton fabric bags many years ago. Of course, nothing was ever thrown away -- recycling is not a "new" idea ! These white bags were most usually hemmed around the edges and used for wiping the dishes dry. Embroidering a set of seven for the days of the week was a favorite pastime. A note in Mom's handwriting was in along with this set saying they came from Bertha who was Mom's older sister. These treasures were in the tub I opened a few days ago. Ironic that I purchased a twelve pack of "flour sacks" a couple of years ago to use when washing windows and mirrors.


June said...

Beautiful Ginny and so interesting too. i have never seen these sacks before they are lovely too
hugs June xxxxx

Ginny said...

Thanks for your "lovely" comments, June. Hope yo are well. Hugs back, Ginny said...

Flour sack towels still make the best fabric for wiping things. I think even better than micro-fiber.