Monday, March 15, 2010

My Baby Sweater

I opened a plastic tub from my closet this morning looking for something in particular, which I didn't find, by the way, but, found some other treasures I had forgotten about. Why we keep some things and rid ourselves of others remains a mystery to me, always !! This little woolen sweater was mine as a baby. Mom gave it to me when my baby doll, Louise, came into my life that Christmas of 1948. It became part of her layette and fit her perfectly. I suppose I will put it back into the collection of treasures of which I will post a few of in the upcoming days. And, then the tub will be again placed back in the closet, but, this time with a record of what, where and why the items are a part of my life memories !!

2 comments: said...

I remember putting this sweater on baby Louise when I played with her too. I wonder why it wasn't in her little 'trunk'? Aren't there some booties too?

Ginny said...

The booties may be in the trunk !