Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flower Girls

These two photos are of me as a flower girl in weddings of an aunt and an uncle in late 1944 and early 1945. My dresses were in that tub of mementos. I took them to the dry cleaners, but there are a few spots they were unable to remove. Again, I wonder why some things are kept forever and now, what should I do with them ?? Mom made both of these dresses to the specifications of the bride, and of course, they are beautifully put together. The photo of me alone was at the wedding of my Dad's brother, Lehman. The dress is pale blue, the crepe paper carnations in the basket were blue and pink. Oh, how I wish I had that antique wicker basket !! My Dad's sister, Elda, had the two flower girls, me from her side of the family, and the other little gal from the groom's side -- I don't remember her name. We wore little gold lockets, a gift from the bride and this time, the basket held real flowers !! Our dresses were yellow with blue ribbon trim -- somewhere, there is a photo of you trying on this dress at your Grandma's house !! Being a flower girl in a wedding was an honor -- I wish I had more memory of the occasions !!

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June said...

Ohhhh these are so beautiful, you were a gorgeous little flower girl Ginny and the dresses are so pretty
hugs June xxxx