Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Actress in Me

This is a photo of me taken out of my 1957 High School annual. I had the lead part in the Junior Class Play "Time Out for Ginger". I don't remember much about the plot of the play, other than Ginger was quite a tomboy throughout the first two acts and in the 3rd act, she shows how much of a "girlie" girl she really was after all !! I had parts in several plays throughout my high school years, most of them being the female lead part. Being in the plays was always so much fun for me -- I always had my lines memorized to a "T" and never missed a cue. In today's world, many times, I forget what I read 5 minutes ago !!

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June said...

Aww what a brilliant photo and fab memory Ginny, You look beautiful and happy and it all looks a lot of fun.
Hugs June x