Thursday, July 16, 2009


This photo of Hilery and me, (Gramma), was taken at a park in Izmir, Turkey in 1981. You once made the statement that Hilery looked at me as a "big" playmate. I always had fun with her when I had the opportunity to be with her. Now, she is all grown up, lives close to me, and we still have fun "playing" together. Your "Bird Book" at on June 4, has been our inspiration for our "play sessions" the last few weeks. We should have our books finished soon and I can hardly wait to post photos for you to see. It is always amazing to me how each artist with the same inspiring theme will turn out a totally different look to their finished project.


Tammy said...

Such a little doll. I wish I'd had more patience with her and been a better mom. Though, in spite of me, she grew up to be "fabulous"!

Ginny said...

You were and are a good Mom, what do you mean ?? Yes, your girl is a "fabulous" young lady !! Love, MOM