Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Bloom

When Sharon and I went to Sam's Town last week to see a movie (senior discount day on Tuesday's), we were walking through the atrium. Along one of the walkways. a hibiscus was in full bloom. It reminded me of this photo of Hilery and Ozzie dog taken in Okinawa. Where we lived, we not only had a gorgeous hedge row of hibiscus, but, also on one side of the house, a whole row of poinsettia "bushes". Hilery in her little hibiscus print muu-muu and flower in her hair, plus the back drop of hibiscus made for a pretty cute photo-op !! Ozzie was a neighbor dog that spent as much time at our house as he did his own home.

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Tammy said...

What a little cute, if I do say so from a mommy's point of view! She sure loved wearing that little dress and looked so cute that day with the flower in her hair, we should have taken more photos. She always has loved animals, wonder where she got that???