Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Ringo

When you posted this photo on your blog and I asked you to send me a copy, your comment in your email about the day after Ringo came to live with us, you hated having to have to go to school and leave him behind. AND then all you could do was think about him ! It reminded me of how much we have loved our dogs and how much love they have given us. They live in the moment and teach us so much if only we are willing to listen !! He really was a cute little puppy -- it is still hard for me to believe your Dad just brought him home one day without there ever being a discussion about getting a dog !! Or, did you talk to him about it ??

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Tammy said...

I thought you and Dad decided it was FINALLY okay for me to have a dog! lol! I don't remember a specific conversation with Dad about getting a dog, I just remember begging for one at every opportunity. Ringo was, by far, the very best gift that little girl that was me could have ever received. I also remember thinking how much Dad must love ME too, since he brought me someone so special.