Saturday, July 18, 2009

My "Bird Book"

Being the computer illiterate that I am, I haven't figured out how to space these photos of my book and write about each one individually. Click on the photos for a larger view. Using your book for inspiration, Hilery and I had a goal of using things we had and not to purchase anything new. WELL, I did buy a few "bird trade cards" on eBay and we did buy a carpenter's measuring tool. The covers are from an old high school literature book that I found stored in a box in the garage. The sticks in the binding came from the farm down by the river in Iowa. On a trip back there a couple of years ago, I had picked up bits and pieces from the wooded area and had put them in a box, thinking I would use them for something, sometime !! We did print out a few pictures of things from . I added a few personal items to make it "my own", such as the image of my dad as a young boy, numbers with meaning - the 4322 was the number on the first house we bought -- 1958 was the year of our marriage and the year of your birth. The old spoon came from a box of things my friend Willa had given me. She always loved my creations and was ever on the lookout for items of artistic interest for me. Hilery found the rusty nail in her yard. Creating this book was a huge step away from the norm for me. Hilery and I had five exciting Friday afternoons of creativity !! I am pleased with the end results and when I look at the book, I think "Did I really do all that ?? "


Tammy said...

You really did! And wasn't it fun and rewarding? I just love mine, and pick it up and look at it most every time I go into my craft romm.
I love how you made it personal too.


Karen D' said...

Ginny, I love your bird book. It is amazing. I am glad that Tammy's book inspired you to create one also. I am like Tammy, I too look at mine almost every time I walk into my studio. Karen

Ginny said...

This was a fun experience, especially to share the creating with Hilery, AND having such a beautiful and creative example to follow !!