Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Wedding Photo

This vintage wedding photo is my Mom's older sister, Bertha and her new husband, Lyle Strand. I don't have a date for this marriage, but, I believe it would have been in the late 1930's. Mom and Dad were married in 1933 and Mom was the first of the children in the Hanle family to tie the knot and leave home. G'ma and G'pa moved from South Dakota during the depression, with G'pa going to work in coal mines and later on building and owning a mobile home "court". Lyle was a teacher and I remember he and Bertha were in various self-owned businesses. They made and sold ceramic salt and pepper shakers of various designs for collectors. I think Mom had every different style set they had. Later on, there was some kind of hand puppet business. It was fun to stay with them when we made the trip to Ohio. There was a wonderful hill on the back of their property for sledding in the winter. Our cousin, Ivan, had every toy imaginable and a pony !! Mom said he was a spoiled "only child" -- we thought he was fortunate and lucky, as children will !!!

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June said...

Hi Ginny, just wanted to say thank you to you my lovely friend. I havent been doing much blog commenting lately but i really appreciate your lovely warmth and thoughts.
I shall catch up a bit soon i am sure.
Have a lovely memorial weekend
Hugs June xxx