Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Pet" Chickens

This old photo was in an album that was included in a box full of "stuff" I purchased at the Saturday auction last weekend. It brought back memories of how my sister and I would play out in the farmyard amongst the chickens. There were a few that were friendly and willing to let us pet them. One day, one of the roosters became jealous, jumped on my back and began beating on me with his flapping wings and pecking at me. Mom came running out with a broom when she heard my screaming. Needless to say, it scared the heck out of me and I wasn't willing to pet chickens for quite awhile after that experience !!

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June said...

Hi Ginny, Wow this pic is fab and i will use it at freebies as i know you dont mind. what a find !! its lovely and thanks for sharing the memories it evoked for you. It also reminds me of when i was a child and for a short time we lived at grans and in the lane behind her house they had a big garage type building where they killed and plucked chickens :( .... i still remember the smell and the noise to this day.
Hugs June xxx