Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

It is Mother's Day and remembrances of my Mom abound today, more so than usual. This photo of her is dated 1917 - I wonder if her kitty had a name. There were always many cats around our farm - some were tame, some were not, but, they kept the population of mice around the farm buildings in check. I don't recall that we ever named any of them. In Mom's last years, she did name one of the barn cats Charlie - the black and white cat's markings reminded her of Charlie Chaplin with his mustache and in his tuxedo -- and, this cat would come to the house when she called for him. I often wonder if Mom's mother used the "magic words" of "We'll see", "Because I said so" and "You'll have to ask your Dad". Of course, when I did ask my Dad, his come back was "What did Mummy say?" !! Did I inherit those "sayings"? Did I pass them on ??

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Tammy said...

Yes.... yes you did. You passed each and every one of those sayings on! Now, I wonder if I did!!!