Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favorite Aunt

This is a high school photo of my Aunt Delores, my Mom's youngest sister, probably taken in the late '30's. "Sis", as she was called by the entire family, was thirteen years older than me, so whenever we were around her, it was like having a big sister more so than an aunt. I was always told that I looked like her, which of course, always pleased me because I thought she was beautiful. My Mom outlived all of her siblings --- although she never said, I'm sure that was very sad for her. In remembering my years of growing up, my family was never open with their feelings -- Hugs were far and few in between -- I remember seeing Mom and Dad kiss each other only one time and that was because I was looking out a window and they didn't know I was looking. Riding in the backseat of the car, I would catch them holding hands if I peeked over to the front seat. I still wonder to this day, why demonstrations of affection were seldom shown. It certainly was not that they didn't care for each other and for us, because it was shown in many other ways.

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