Monday, May 11, 2009

Vintage Blues

I love costume jewelry even though I don't wear it often and have way more of it than any one person should ever need. I especially like vintage pieces and have purchased some at antique malls through the years, plus have a few pieces of my own from my teen years. So, of course, those would be considered vintage at this point in my life !! Sharon and I went to the auction on Saturday and this piece was put up for bids. It's always nice when something I like is not what any other bidder is interested in !! Knowing what I have paid for pieces at the antique malls, I considered this a steal at $10. The pendant measures 2" across - the rhinestones are a lovely deep blue. I will put it in the oak "tool chest" jewelry box, I suppose. Maybe I will have a reason to wear it sometime.

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