Friday, August 21, 2009


As I was going through photos, I found this one dated 1980. I'm not sure what year your G'ma and G'pa Schultz bought this 120 acre farm, but, this was the house as it was when they first moved into it. They later put yellow aluminum siding on and changed the front porch somewhat. The new owners of the farm have now removed that siding, added a large room on the west side, and are planning to build a huge summer porch all the way around from what I have been told. This house had that beautiful front entry with the large open staircase that I loved. And then there was that lovely leaded glass window !! Although I did not grow up in this home, it has some wonderful memories of Mom and Dad attached to it !!!

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Tammy said...

I think this house is why I always want an "old" house. Because I loved it and the people in it so much. Of course, none of the old houses I look at have nearly the charm or aura of this one. Then, there is the fact that Bob would croak if I made him move into an old house!