Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House of Seven Gables

This is a photo taken in the late 70's of the house in South Dakota where my Dad grew up. Stories I remember hearing was the house was built for my grand-parents, Emma Moege and Emil Schultz, before they were married in 1911. Emma came from a quite wealthy family and wanted a house with "seven gables". I should have taken a photo of the back of the house, too. As a kid, through the years, there were several trips from Iowa to see my Dad's family in South Dakota. All those uncles still at home, thought us three kids were the "cat's meow" and kept us quite well entertained !! Although Mom's parents and siblings had moved on to Ohio, she still had aunts, uncles and cousins we would visit while we were there, so there were a few younger second cousins to have some fun with. A trip to South Dakota was always a great "adventure" !!


Tammy said...

The house sure looks in good shape. Who lives there now?

Ginny said...

My Dad's brother, Lloyd and wife lived there for a number of years. I think the farm has new owners now since that generation is gone.