Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing Dress-up

The date on the back of this photo is 1948 -- that's me on the right, sister Shirley in the middle and cousin Davy on the right. I don't recall this particular moment, but, I know as kids, we were always taking on roles of someone we idolized or read or heard about, by "playing dress-up" !! I have no idea who any of us were impersonating on this particular day !! Luella, this one friend of Mom's, had a couple of trunks full of beautiful old clothes, hats, jewelery and shoes. We loved visiting her home because she would turn us loose to play with all those wonderful things in those trunks. Luella and Mom would be visiting in the kitchen and Dad and Elmer, her husband, in the living room or outdoors. They all oohed and aahed as we and their daughter, Claudene, paraded our outfits for them. Remember the day we were looking at the old prom and formal dresses your G'ma Schultz had in that closet upstairs ?? I must hunt for the photos of that "dress-up" day !!!

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Tammy said...

I do remember that day at Grama's it was alot of fun. It's a good thing Aunt Shirley was there with her camera, or we wouldn't have captured those moments. I know I have copies of them, too, if you can't find them.