Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is "Just a Bowl of Cherries"

I purchased these beautiful, tasty cherries at the grocery market a couple of days ago. The little crystal bowl they are in is one of a set of five that go along with a large crystal berry bowl. I purchased this set over 20 years ago at a farm auction in Iowa. It is vintage replica, but another few years, it will be antique !! I have often wondered why these berry bowl sets always have just five small serving dishes !! Eating these cherries brought up some fun memories of your Dad. Of course, he loved these fresh cherries and when we had them, he didn't like to share. He wanted them all to himself !! He was one of few people I have ever known that could tie a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue. That contest started in some bar somewhere years and years ago with maraschino cherries with stems that arrived in certain mixed drinks. He liked showing off this little trick of his whenever there were stemmed cherries around.

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Tammy said...

Another little talent I didn't know about Dad!