Monday, March 2, 2009

70's Oils

Here are a couple of my oils that I painted back in the 70's. I sold both of them and wish I had them back, although, I don't know where I would hang them if I had them !!! The "Old Prospector" was one I painted because I just loved the look of the old man in a photo in a magazine. A good friend and neighbor, Opal, saw it when it was finished and framed, fell in love with it and told me she would pay whatever price I set. I thought I set a price higher than she would pay, but, not so. It still hangs in her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The nude was a commissioned piece - some friends, John and Jodi, wanted a painting to hang in their bedroom and hadn't been able to find anything they liked. They gave me a photo they found in a magazine, liked what I did with it and purchased my painting. I have lost touch with them over the years-- hopefully, they still treasure it !! The small "Watermelon Pickles" is a copy of a still life painting I liked. It hangs in my kitchen in a collage collection of two other paintings and treasures. I often think about how much I enjoyed oil painting, but, have no desire to pick up a brush these days -- I am loving the altered arts !!!

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June said...

Oh Ginny you are so talented. Those are beautiful paintings. Its good you kept a photo of them at least :)
Hugs June xxx