Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lehman and Irene

This wedding portrait, dated 1945, is of my Dad's first brother, Lehman and his new wife, Irene. I was the flower girl, dressed in blue and carrying a basket of blue and pink crepe paper carnations. On the far left is the best man, Lloyd, another of Dad's brothers. The woman on the right is Dad's sister, Elda, who a year later, married Elmer, the man next to her. The maid of honor was Irene's sister whose name I do not remember. After the wedding at the country church, there was a reception at the Schultz farmstead. The party went on into the wee hours, even after the bride and groom had disappeared. Kids were allowed to stay up as long as they wanted (or as long as they could keep their eyes open). A fun time was had by all !! I love these old photos in their "cardboard" frames.

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