Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Love the Saturday Auction

This gorgeous cut glass vase was the one I have had my eye on for the last two weeks at the Saturday auction and they finally put it up for bids !! It belonged to my friend, Willa, so I really wanted to have it (whether I needed it or not) ! It measures about 9" tall and 4" across the top. My friend Sharon and our mutual friend, Lana, accompanied me -- it was the first time Lana had been to any kind of auction, so now she is hooked, too. I was able to purchase this vase for $10 which was much less than I expected to have to bid. I think I will have to buy a bouquet at the grocery store and use it before I find a permanent home for it !!


June said...

Its really pretty and a bargain too Ginny
Hugs June x

Tammy said...

I can't believe you got it for $10.00! I think it would be SO pretty with some peonies in it! I wanna go auctioning with you gals!!! Boo hoo!