Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Glamorous Corvette"

I had a dream last night that I was back in this
Corvette driving around. I parked it in a parking garage and when I went back to get it, a Volkswagen was in its place !! I know you remember when your Dad put us into a snowbank with this car !! I remember a teenage daughter of a friend told me I was too old to be driving a Corvette. This yellowed photo was taken back in the 70's, days of the "big hair" -- my days spent as a "glamorous" blond !! I was in the hairstyling business, so it was not expensive to keep up with bleaching those dark roots !! Fun to remember those younger days !! It would be fun to have that car out in my garage today !!


Tammy said...

AND, with that beautiful custom paint Dad later had done on it, it would be even more gorgeous and worth a small fortune. We DID have that old gray VW bug for awhile with a rag sun roof, remember?

Ginny said...

Yes, I remember. That was fun to drive, too, just not as "glamorous" !!