Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bellagio Conservatory

Hilery and I made a trip to Bellagio yesterday to see their new springtime display in the Conservatory. Of course, it was beautiful, as always !! There was every kind of springtime bloom that you could think of. A "greenhouse" is enclosed to house live butterflies. The ladybug was created with red carnations. A person can walk through this botanical garden, but, never see everything there is to see. The horticulturists that create this display pay attention to every detail.


Anonymous said...

Is this you or your friend in the first picture? looks very cute :)
and the garden conservatory is also beautiful.

Ginny said...

Tony, This beautiful little lady is my grand-daughter !! She will love your comment. If you ever visit Las Vegas. do not miss this gorgeous conservatory. Thanks for visiting my blog. Ginny