Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vintage Trophy

This old trophy was presented to your great-granddad, C. J. Rose. The inscription reads, "Little Glidden Tour, 1911. Presented by Hyperion Field & Motor Club, to C. J. Rose, In recognition of the true sportsmanship shown in night drive from Council Bluffs to Dubuque." This was when he drove that Hupmobile across the state of Iowa. No one in the family knew this trophy existed until G'ma Mom (Minnie, the wife he left with 4 children) passed away. It was found in a trunk with mementos of her lifetime. G'ma Ruth thought your Dad should have it since he was into stock car racing. The trophy now sits on top of the curio in the front entry hall. Now, I have to go Google that club and car and see if there is any history on the Internet !!

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