Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Grade

This old 1946 photo came to mind when out of the blue, an old high school classmate called Thursday evening and he had just arrived here in Las Vegas. His hobby is skeet shooting and he came to enter a tournament. I see Dennis most every time I go back to Iowa as he is a neighboring farmer. We grew up down the country road from each other and our parents were good friends nearly all of their lives. His time here is well filled with his tournament, but, we managed to have dinner together Friday evening, then played black jack for a little while. The Bristle farm was in a different country school district than the one I went to, so he is not pictured here with me and my classmates sitting in the school yard. Arthur and I, on the right, were in first grade -- Richard, Terry, and Linda were in kindergarten. With nine grade levels in a one room country school, lesson planning for the teacher had to be quite a chore. I regret not having more photos of the schoolhouse, the teachers and the classmates.

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