Friday, March 27, 2009

Memories of My Buddies

Ginger, the setter, and Amber, the Sheltie, were adoptees. Both started out as your dogs, they came to live with us, then ended living with my Mom and Dad. I loved having dogs when they had a yard they could go out to anytime they wanted. These two were great pals on my daily walks when we lived in Tulsa. Your Dad taught them to understand the spelling of w-a-l-k. If the word or spelling was even mentioned, I had to get my walking shoes on and go or they would not settle down !! Nowadays, I get my dog fix with friends and neighbors dogs, plus my smart little great-grand-dog, Jasmine !! AND, of course, Susie and Clarice when I get the chance !!

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Tammy said...

And, spell R-O-L-L-S, just like I could before I started school, I'm sure! We've sure been blessed with some wonderful pets.